Premium Alerts

After months and even years of preparation, we are thrilled to finally announce the official launch of the Crypto Palace Premium Alert service.

The reason for our excitement is because this service will be unlike any other “buy here, sell there” service you will find in the entire crypto market.


Because our subscribers will be receiving important information from KCs (King Crypto’s) key sources directly to your email inbox.

This email alert service has been carefully designed with one thing in mind – profits!

If you have always wanted to be the guy who wished he knew what was going to happen before it did, then now is your chance.

We will be providing you with many of the same pieces of information that people in “the know” depend on when making financial decisions.

We currently have several things cooking that the public is unaware of.

If the bull market in crypto continues pushing forward over the next year, some of these could return as much as 10x profits.

You can get your hands on limited time discounted Premium Alert Subscriptions found here. We currently have options for monthly or yearly plans.

Alerts may consist of a wide variety of topics and can come at any time of the month. They contain pertinent information that you can immediately act upon.

For example, some time ago we send out an alert to paid Crypto Palace subs about a company called Mantra Dao.

We reported that the company would soon be listing on a Tier 1 exchange and we wanted our subs to cash in on the upside action before the rest of the crypto space found out about it.

When we went live with the info, Mantra was priced at .30-.32. Subsequent dips before the listing priced the token as low as .20.

Those who listened and bought the token did rather well.

Within 3 weeks the token was listed on Binance and the initial spike sent it straight to .58. It dipped from there but shortly thereafter went as high as .80.

This represents a 2.5x to 4x in 3 weeks time, depending on entry and exit price.

Behind the scenes information like Mantra Dao’s listing can be key to maximizing returns in the shortest amount of time possible.

And the good news is we have more in the pipeline waiting to be dropped soon.

In fact, we sent out another alert about a different company that should be listing on a Tier 1 exchange very soon.

We expect the same upside action as Mantra Dao, and by this weekend we will have insight into whether… it could be more! 

Premium Alerts provide subscribers with a behind the scenes peek into the crypto markets and outline money making opportunities for them.

Remember, these alerts will be exclusive and only for participants of the Premium Alerts service package.

Based on past results, we expect profits could range anywhere from 20% to several hundred percent per token.   

The cost for this premium service will list at $199 per month or $2099 per year.

We are very confident you will be happy with the results or we wouldn’t even think about offering it.

BONUS: As a special offer to our loyal gold community readers, we are presenting a limited time introductory offer.  You can get access at a discounted rate of $399 per month, $1349 for 6mths or $1979 per year for a limited time. 

Existing subscribers get even bigger discounts. 

Email us at to get yours!

This is a massive savings considering the information that will be disclosed.

And to make sure we get things off on the right foot, we will make sure all new subscribers get access to the newest coin listing we just published two days ago.

There is a limited amount of time to get in on this one, so don’t put this off!

Those first to sign up will receive the exact info of what they need to do to set themselves up for profit before the listing - which is set to come within the next 10 to 20 days.

Remember, only gold community readers have access to this offer now. When the preliminary slots are filled up, KC will be presenting this service to the entire crypto world and the prices will revert to their normal rates. So we encourage you to get onboard now!

You can get sign up to the monthly or yearly plans and get instant at the Crypto Palace page here.


Thank you,

The Crypto Palace Team