Valet Service

There's a massive market shift coming. And most people are woefully unprepared...

With all the hysteria going on in today’s “bull market,” a plan for protection is more important now than ever before. It's time to prepare.

The big question is how to go about doing it. Without question, gold and precious metals are foundational – but many are now realizing there is more that can be done.

This is what I'm doing to protect my family and my finances – and I recommend you do the same. I’m speaking of crypto currencies.

Former Goldman Sachs exec Raoul Pal is so confident in the future of Bitcoin and crypto currencies that he has allocated 98% of his net worth to them!

If he is right, and crypto currencies take off and really go parabolic, how much of your net worth have you allocated to them?

Unfortunately, most people answer either “none” or “a very small percentage”.

Why is this so often the case?

After working in the crypto space for years, I have finally concluded the biggest barrier most people have to getting invested in crypto is simply a lack of knowing how to get started and what to do.

And this is 100% completely understandable. Most people have careers, families, to-do lists, and busy schedules that don’t allow for time to research and discover the best way to profit from Bitcoin and crypto.

If you are someone who isn’t sure what to do, or don’t have the time to research, or want to strategize gameplans with bull/bear market scenarios, or anything…..then this is where our newly launched personalized service may really help you.

The valet service will allow everyone to have individual one-on-one telephone conversations directly with us. Everyone can get their tough questions answered and progressively act. 

And we’ve talked with our publisher and convinced them to get you a special limited time discount which we will tell you about shortly.

The reason a service like this is so necessary is because despite the explosive returns to date, crypto is not an easy asset class to understand and invest in.

You have probably heard how volatile the crypto market is, especially Bitcoin, seeing the price go from $1,000 to $20,000 in 2018 and then back down to $3,000 in 2019. And right now, at the time of this writing, the price of Bitcoin is over $30,000.

Now, this may have pushed you away from investing into cryptos but imagine if you would have invested into Bitcoin in early 2017 at $1,000 and then sold in late 2017 at $20,000. You could have made a 19,000% gain. For every $1000 you put into Bitcoin you could have made an extra $19,000.

Here at the Crypto Palace, we understand cryptos are not for everyone. Which is why we handcrafted a one of a kind research newsletter custom tailored for people like you. We wanted to make it easier for everyone to invest in cryptos and make huge gains.

It’s because of this we believe our newest CPU service - a personalized valet management telephone service - can add tremendous value.

ST and I conduct deep fundamental and quantitative research to identify what we believe to be the highest quality crypto assets. We actively monitor a portfolio of current and upcoming tokens that we believe will position  you for outstanding long-term returns. This includes rebalancing and tactical trading during periods of excess volatility, aiming to enhance risk-adjusted returns.

If the speculative frenzy we call the U.S. Stock Market these days is bothering you in any way... Or, if the fact that we’re in one of the most inflated “everything bubble” bull markets in all of history scares you…

Then, there could be a huge problem with your portfolio. It may mean you're not prepared to weather a potential looming market storm.

This is the reason Raoul Pal believes crypto currency may be the only (or one of the only) real escape route left for your money.

He may be right. This is one of the reasons CPU is excited to be launching our personalized valet service and address different concerns and plans of action.

With the CPU valet service you will get personalized access to strategic ways to help protect your capital from financial destruction.

You will have access to a wealth of information and be able to address specific concerns, questions, or issues you have.

  • Want to know what exchange would be best to get started on and how to do it?
  • Not sure about a specific project you want to invest in?
  • Want to know if you should use a Metamask or Ledger wallet?
  • Need to know the easiest way to get access to Bitcoin using fiat?
  • Want to make money in crypto but stay off the radar and keep as much privacy as possible with minimal KYC?
  • Wondering about Pax Gold and how you can leverage crypto to increase your physical gold holdings?

Questions like these are endless and will differ from person to person – so it’s impossible for us to get to them all.

So, if you sense that crypto will take off but are frozen with inaction because you have questions, then consider taking part in our actively managed service strategy (available to all U.S. or non U.S. investors - non accredited, accredited).

Using the valet service will allow everyone to have individual one-on-one telephone conversations directly with us. Everyone can get their tough questions answered and progressively act. 

We are offering limited time personal calls each month for either 25 minutes or 60 minutes plus an individualized bonus plan for everyone. You can find out which bonus plan you qualify for below.

Remember, feeling lost when you look at the crypto markets is completely normal….and I can relate!

When I first dove into the space, I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the techno-speak, multiple companies, new faces and foreign methods crypto used to conduct transactions.

However, through the years I was able to embrace it all and develop relationships with everyone from industry heavyweights to absolute newcomers.

I’ve learned from both that two of the biggest momentum killers to wealth are the emotions of fear and greed. If you are someone who isn’t pulling the trigger on crypto because you are hesitant about what to do, then the CPU service was designed specifically for you.

Our aim is to help people overcome their concerns by addressing them point blank, one-on-one, live and in person over the phone.

This gives everyone a chance to voice their specific needs, identify the hang-ups and get help walking through them so you can profit.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro or an absolute newcomer. ST and I can answer questions, serve as soundboards for potential plans, or give insight into our own personal strategies.  

Now that we are live with the service, we are offering the first 20 subscribers who sign up a special price of $699 for 25 minutes and $999 for an hour.

If you have trouble with the payment link, shoot us an Email.

Once those slots are filled, then the system will automatically revert to the regular prices of $899 and $1299.

Our goal is to provide you with a clear 360 degree view of the markets and address whatever might be blinding or hindering you from taking advantage of them. Which is why I went to our publisher and asked for a special bonus for you. The deal?

We have three different plans, and everyone qualifies for a different one:

  • By signing up for your personal telephone valet call all non-CPU subscribers will receive a special bonus - a 3 month subscription to our flagship product - the Crypto Palace newsletter (value: $99).
  • If you are a current subscriber to the CPU newsletter then you will receive 2 free months of Premium Alerts filled with insider and high value info (value: $398).
  • If you are a current Premium Alerts sub, then you will receive an extra 10 minutes of time on the call for free (value: $166.50).

You can select whichever option you like and get started now!

Once you secure your spot on the list, ST will schedule you in one of our time spots.

Sign up today for your personal call with ST and myself today for the discounted special price of either $699 for 25 minutes or $999 for 60 minutes.

And remember - service prices are discounted for the first 20 subs – so don’t delay!


Thank you,

The Crypto Palace Team

PS. The sky is the limit! We can discuss trending topics that move the market, chart signals that you should watch, the best low cap crypto projects, how to get setup, strategic plays and much more!

I want you to be one of our subscribers who lets us know about the huge gains you were able to make due to our teachings and recommendations.

The goal is to make YOU a more educated, savvier, and forward thinking investor. So sit back, relax, and get access to the limited time discounts here.

Don’t miss out on how you could increase your crypto profit margins. Not only can we teach you about the crypto ecosystem (what you’ll need to do to buy and sell cryptos), you will also be getting either 3 months of our quality daily newsletter, 2 months of Premium Alerts or valuable bonus time for free!

You can get started with booking a 25 minute call or a one hour call with Stewart Thomson and myself – just pick whatever option best suits you!



One last thing I HAVE to point out…

Banks across the country are already preparing.

I suggest you do the same...

For decades we've heard rumors of a dollar crash...

But what's happening behind the scenes now is stunning.

This new global banking systems and will change everything.

I've never seen anything like it.

If you have money in the bank...

Then listen to me when I say a currency crisis is coming. And if you don’t own any bitcoin or other crypto assets, you could end up sitting on the sidelines filled with regret as their prices skyrocket higher on the back of global currency devaluations.

So click here now to get on the waiting list and get access to the CPU personalized valet service now. You can make sure you have a seat at the table by securing your 25 minute call or 60 minute call now!