Introducing the long awaited public opening to the Crypto Palace suite of newsletters and alert services!

The Crypto Palace is a revolutionary new service that solves the problem most people have - not knowing what insiders know.

If you’ve ever wished for an inside track on what’s happening behind the scenes in the markets so you could rake in larger profits – then look no further.

Whether you’re a novice beginner or a seasoned pro this opens the doors because it brings information from our inside sources straight to your inbox - oftentimes before its released to the public.

The CP newsletter sends out information several times per week. Their Premium Alerts send pertinent information on an irregular basis as it presents.

If you have always wanted to be the one who wished they knew what was going to happen before it did, then now is your chance.

The Crypto Palace will be providing you with many of the same pieces of information that people in “the know” depend on when making financial decisions.

They currently have several things cooking that the general public is unaware of.

And if the bull market in crypto continues pushing forward, as many believe it will, then some of these are set to return as much as 10x profits over the course of the next year.

To kick off our new launch, they are offering a limited time discount to Globalhive subscribers on our Newsletter and Premium Alert service.

You can get your hands on limited time discounted Newsletters of Premium Alert Subscriptions found here. They currently have options for monthly or yearly plans.

However, soon their publisher will stop offering GH subscribers (up to 50% off) as well as access to any discounts on future services. The coins they send alerts about are simply too small and valuable to share with everyone in our standard newsletters.

Don’t sleep on this one! Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

You can get started here.

All the best,

The Globalhive Team

  1. A note from the Crypto Palace Team: With all of the thousands of coins out there, people are losing fortunes overnight because they are buying into hyped marketing programs on companies that will not last the test of time. This newsletter service guides you to the winners so even if prices do go down, long term you will be safe and secure.

We scours the web and spend tremendous amount of time doing research to find the hidden crypto gems.

For example, how many of you are aware that Uniswap’s version 3 release may involve smaller partner companies no one really knows yet – such as Alchemist, Flashbots, and Gelato network to name a few? Do you know which one of these platforms may qualify users for a fat airdrop?

Our current newsletter subscribers are already in the know and set up to profit from these companies should they align with Uniswap’s roadmap like we suspect they will.

In addition, Premium Alert service provides subscribers with a behind the scenes peek into the crypto markets and outline money making opportunities for them.

For example, some time ago an alert was sent out about a company that would be listing on a Tier 1 exchange.

When we went live with the info, it was priced at .30-.32. Subsequent dips before the listing priced the token as low as .20. Those who listened and bought the token did rather well.

Within 3 weeks the token was listed on Binance and the initial spike sent it straight to .58. It dipped from there but shortly thereafter went as high as .80.

This represents a 2.5x to 4x in 3 weeks’ time, depending on entry and exit price.

Behind the scenes information like this listing can be key to maximizing returns in the shortest amount of time possible.

And the good news is we have more in the pipeline waiting to be dropped soon.

In fact, a few days ago we sent out another alert about a different company that will be listing on a Tier 1 exchange very soon. We expect even better upside action than before.

Remember, these alerts will be exclusive and only for participants of the Premium Alerts service package.

Based on past results, we expect profits to range anywhere from 20% to several hundred percent per token.

The cost for this premium service will list at $199 per month or $2099 per year.

Reserve your spot in the Newsletter or Premium Alerts now and gain access to the exclusive alert we just sent out this week - we are very optimistic about this one!

BONUS: As a special offer to loyal Globalhive subscribers, we are presenting a limited time introductory offer. GUB and GU subs can get access at a discounted rate of $99 per month or $899 per year for a limited time.

This is a massive savings considering the information that will be disclosed.

And to make sure we get things off on the right foot, we will make sure all new subscribers get access to the newest coin listing we just published two days ago.

There is a limited amount of time to get in on this one, so don’t put this off!

Those first to sign up will receive the exact info of what they need to do to set themselves up for profit before the listing - which is set to come soon.

Remember, Globalhive subscribers have access to this offer now. When the preliminary slots are filled up, we will be presenting this service to the entire crypto world and the prices will revert to their normal rates. So we encourage you to get onboard now!

You can get sign up to the monthly or yearly plans and get instant at the Crypto Palace site.